Bikini Island aka Bikini Atoll!
December 27, 2021

Made in Paradise 

- Updated Dec.27th 2021 currently surviving the Oahu water crisis. 

After researching and learning the history of the bikini in 2013 I started working on Bombshell Beach Club. All Woman that love and wear the bikini and USE the bikini to make a living by creating revenue to survive and feed their family should know the struggle and the history of the life of the Bikinians.

The History of the Bikini…

The bikini was designed On July 5, 1946, French engineer Louise Réard designed the game-changing garment. 

The Bikini transformed the swimwear world forever. The bikini arrived four days after explosive nuclear tests began at Bikini Atoll. 

What and Where is Bikini Atoll ? - 

Bikini Atoll is located in the Marshall Islands. Bikini Atoll is a coral island in the Pacific Ocean, consisting of a ring-shaped reef surrounding a 25-mile by the 15-mile oval lagoon. The atoll includes 23 small coral islands within its reef.

The atoll is part of the Marshall Islands, which is an island chain located between Hawaii and the Philippines. The United States government took administrative control of the Marshall Islands from Japan in 1944, and retained control until 1986, when the islands gained their independence.

Why did the U.s Bomb Bikini Atoll ? 

"to determine the effect of atomic bombs on American warships." Bikini, because of its location away from regular air and sea routes, was chosen to be the new nuclear proving ground for the United States ...Bikini Island is still radioactive to this day!

What is a Bikinian? 

The Bikinans are the people of the bikini islands. The U.s ruined the island and their people with our testing of nuclear bombs. I feel we need to always give back to the land and protect the people and land and it's wildlife.  

The Bikini went through hell to get to where it is now but not the Hell the Bikinians endured! 


Links to the history of Bikini Island  and the Bikinans 




 Who was the first Bikini Model? 

The first bikini model Michelle Bernardini was a nude dancer who first wore the bikini! It was a struggle to find a model brave enough to wear it. She was looked down on and ridiculed for it and she didn't care! She changed the world forever with her Fuck It attitude and became the first Bikini Model ever! 

Was the bikini illegal?

Yes it was! The bikini was not legal to wear in the USA till Annette and Sofia Loren wore the Bikini and glamourized the bikini to the Masses. 


 Too be continued.... 

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