Our Recipe


  Since 1999 Cupcake Qween has been bringing her unique style to the hungry masses. After the success of her previous collections she really wanted to create a brand that showcased her passions, she was ready for her CAKE OVER. Being Baked and Raised in Los Angeles Cupcake Qween knew that California is the place to be and every girl has palm tree dreams. Rather she's from the West Coast, the East Coast, or Over Seas why not bring the California style to her.
So In 2006 at the Cupcake Compound, Spawning from a previous line Bootyfull and her nickname "Cupcake" The Cupcake Cartel was born. A true Lifestyle Brand, Cupcake Cartel is Sweet Mixed with a little Street.
Next Step call in reinforcement, The Cupcake Ninja of course!  Partners in crime they locked themselves in the Bakery perfecting their original “recipes”.  Like all great secret recipes there are those who try to BITE and take their secrets for themselves. You can always tell us apart from the Imfrosters, CXC can’t be duplicated. Beware of CupFAKES. Cupcake Cartel are the Originators of The Cake life. 
Being Baked and raised in Los Angeles, Cakifornia we take inspiration from our city, it’s our culture...our soul. Mixing L.A. icons with childhood memories and a dash of our own personalities, Cupcake Cartel is truly one of a kind! We don't Sugar Coat.. 100% Baked in LA always Living the "Cake Life" 
A Cupcake living the "Cake Life" is always on her hustle always on her grind. Could careless about what others think of her. Cake is the motive. Anything you can do she can do better, but in stilettos. A Cupcake Comes in all flavors.
She Makes Cake, Bakes Cake and Takes Cake all while dressed to impress. 
The term "Cake Life" came about when when a crew of us girls  were sitting around after a photo shoot counting our money a friend said "Thug Life" pshh  ? You guys are living that Cake Life.." We aren't just a brand Cupcake Cartel is a lifestyle.  
In addition to serving up our addictive apparel and delectable accessories we also have the Sweetest Cupcakes, our very own Promo/Print models, available to host your events or private parties. An event/party with Cupcake Cartel is not to be missed or out done. Everything from promotions and hosting, to our Tasty Models, DJs and servers, we frost it up like no one else can always leaving your party begging for another CXC Sugar High...
Cupcake Cartel 

Just a few of our “a la carte” services :
  • Apparel
  • Art/ Design
  • DJs
  • Bartenders
  • Servers
  • Hostess
  • Artist 
  • Photography
  • Event Coverage
  • Spokesmodels and Promo Girls
  • Dancers
  • Cupcakes (yup the sweet frosted pastries loved by all we make those and will deliver them too!)
  • We are Woman Owned and Ran
Cupcake Cartel