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General Info: info@cupakeartel.net
All general questions. Feedback, comments ect.

Store Inquiries:customerservice@cupcakecartel.net
Order inquiries, product help, and any other questions regardingCupcake Cartel Store items.

Custom Orders:customorders@cupcakecartel.net
Questions regarding custom orders.

Interested in carrying Cupcake Cartel in your store? Email us for wholesale information.

Event/Bookings: bookings@cupckecartel.net
Interested in booking Cupcake Cartel, Have a few questions? Please send us an email!

What to be a CXC Cupcake?
Do you think you have what it takes to be a Cupcake? Send us a few pictures. , website links and or a brief description about you. Remember not all Cupcakes are models. Cupcakes come in all flavors. models@cupcakecartel.net


Cupcake Cartel