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What is Cupcake Cartel?
We are a Lifestyle Brand and one Stop Shop to satisfy your Sugar High! We're Caking Over : ) 

Are you guys models?
Yes some of our girls are models but not all all of the girls featured on Cupcake Cartel are models. All Girls featured are Baked Frosted and Sprinkled to Perfection and all have a skill. check out our Cupcake page for more info on Our Cupcakes.

How can I become a Cupcake Cartel Model/ Cupcake ?
Send in your pics to management models@cupcakecartel.com and/or a link to your website/social Network. You must be 18 years of age and older to be a Cupcake.

Do I have to live in California to become a Cupcake?
Absolutely not Our Cupcakes are worldwide. We are on a Worldwide Cake Over! 

When is your next event where can I see you guys?

We post of our events in our Events section of our Blog . Please check it out and Come out & say Hi we love to meet our friends & fans.

Can I hire Cupcake Cartel/ The Cupcakes for an event?
Yes you can! Our Cupcakes  are available for bookings send a message to bookings@cupcakecartel.com for more info. 

Where can I see more pics of Bella Cupcake  ect.?
Cupcakecartel.com Check out the Cakelife Section for info on our events! 
Where can I buy the clothes the models are wearing?
Cupcakecartel.com and if we are wearing a affiliate brand it will be listed we love to support our friends. 

How can I help out Cupcake Cartel ?
You can tell all your friends about us! And you can help spread the word by posting our logo/pics  on your Social Networks, Blogs,  and(or) website : ) We appreciate all your support! and remember to use our Hash Tags #cupcakecartel and #cakelife When you are living the Cakelife : ) 

Is it ok if I post your pics on my Social Networks?  Bllog, Facebook ect. ?
Yes!  Please do and please add our hash tags #cupcakecartel and #cakelife

How long do custom orders take?
Custom orders usually take 2 weeks depending on the item ordered. We do our best to make send you your item as quickly as possible.

How long do items take to ship?
Orders are processed within 24-48 hours. We ship via USPS.
Any other questions? 
Have a Caketastic Day!
Cupcake Cartel  
Cupcake Cartel